Senior Frontend React developer – StarOfService

  • Удаленная работа
  • Оклад: 3500 - 3500 USD в месяц
  • Удаленная работа
  • Везде
  • Оклад: 3500 - 3500 USD в месяц

Вебсайт StarOfService

We are looking for a senior developer with experience north of 5 years in Front-end development.


  • Fully capable of taking substantia features from concept to shipping as the sole Front-end developer (alongside a designer).
  • Can provide materia feedback on the work of junior developers.
  • Deep expertise within the Front-end domain.
  • Basic proficiency in at least one additional programming environment


What do we look for within you?


You would strive in our Front-end department:

  • If you are someone who doesn’t need heavy directions. You don’t need daily check-ins
  • If you come up with your own goals and execute them
  • If you can do what a manager would do — gauge what is important, set the tone, determine what needs to get done, etc.

We look for people who can manage themselves while working in a team environment.

Technically speaking, this is what we expect from you:


  • A solid understanding of the fabric of the web – how it works and what it can do.
  • Excellent understanding of the capabilities of languages of the web – HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • An ability to curb your rush of over-engineering a solution and to think objectively and critically instead.
  • Some experience with TypeScript would give you an edge – both in getting shortlisted and during work.
  • Some understanding of Node.js.
  • The notion of performance metrics  TTFB, TT, FCP, FMP, etc.
  • Ability to challenge the status quo in a we-intentioned manner.
  • A rudimentary understanding of what good design fees ike. in other words, we don’t expect you to do the design work but we expect you to te a good design from a bad one – either in comparison or in isolation.

We offer


  • 100% remote fulltime contract
  • Growth recognition and self-development support
  • Paid sick-leaves
  • Training activities and educational possibilities

Contact us directly through Skype: shvetsolga.p / Mail: (as mentioned on the Invitation Mail for an appointment to discuss the details in an initial discussion. The selection process is simple: HR > Technical interview > Next 1 final meeting to discuss and finalize contract terms / payment terms etc.


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