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Вебсайт DataOx (former IntroLab Systems)

Hey there! We are looking for a Middle Java Developer with at least 2 years of commercial experience to join a team that develops a СRM system.

About project

Exciting and serious project since 2020. The goal of the project is to create a powerful CRM system for HR managers in the USA and Australia. It is a long-term project. This platform should have unique tools for HR managers, where they can manage their job posts, interviews, schedule interviews, assessments, candidates, everything that employees need.

The platform has different kinds of assessments (like behavioral, Big Five Personality Assessment, Integrity Test, and other assessments) User (hr manager) will have an opportunity to assign tests to the candidate. Candidates will pass assessments and get results. Results will be shown in reports, according to these results hr manager will be able to evaluate candidates.

What to implement next

We have plans for creating mobile app integration with different kinds of job boards. Developing API so any hiring company can be integrated with ATS HR compliance service integration.


Our customer is from the USA (California) and provides a pre-employment testing service that measures personality traits and aptitude abilities to ensure your candidates will be an excellent performance fit for the HR organizations.


The Product Owner (the role taken by the client himself), the Project Manager is from our side, the Frontend team lead, and two frontend developers, the Backend team lead, and one backend developer, QA. You are going to be a backend developer.

Project technologies stack

– Java 8,

– Spring framework,

– RabbitMQ,


– PostgreSQL

Main responsibilities, including what you don’t need to do

– you will work in a chat system with a customer, where you will need to fix bugs related to the backend code and database. You can discuss bugs with customers and decide whether to fix it immediately or you can do it another day;

– check requests from the customer which are related to the work of the server, database, and other services (such as Nylas, Mailgun, RabbitMQ, and other services);

– When you do not have requests from the customer in chat, you will work with the current tasks for the backend developer. (we have tasks in the clubhouse);

– Tracking working time in Clockify;

– Negotiate with the Project Manager and take part in team meetings.

Technologies Checklist, including Must-have and Good-to-have

Must have:

– Java 8,

– Spring framework,

– RabbitMQ,


– PostgreSQL

Good to have:

– experience with AWS

– experience with Heroku

Benefits you get choosing a current position

– Mentoring from a more expert developer and technical support from the entire team;

– You’ll have the opportunity to directly work with the client, improving your communication and soft skills;

– A small team of engaged professionals;

– The client understands the development process and complexities. Deadlines are set taking into account our team’s opinion;

– An opportunity to contribute new ideas, change and improve products and processes;

Benefits you get choosing our company

– Full financial and legal support for private entrepreneurs;

– Low hierarchy and open communication with founders;

– Paid vacation, day-offs (20 days) + 11 Ukrainian public holidays;

– Compensation for sports activities and English lessons;

– Work from Mykolaiv office or fully remote;

– Corporate events and team-building sessions.

Next steps and HR process

HR interview -> Technical interview -> Offer

Company description

We are DATAOX, a software development company based in Mykolaiv, the south part of Ukraine. At the moment we have nearly 70 people on board.

We have two main directions:

– *Classical outsourcing, where we are solving IT challenges for western-based startups and small businesses.

– *Data scraping solutions and business processes automation*, where most clients are non-technical. In such projects, we need to convert the business ideas and goals into the software product.

More information you can review at [https://data-ox.com/](https://data-ox.com/) & [https://jobs.dou.ua/companies/dataox](https://jobs.dou.ua/companies/dataox)

Про компанію DataOx

We rebranded to DataOx in spring 2020!

We’re a software development company focused on the best services for the business. We try not just to carry out tasks, but also thoroughly understand the client’s business needs, that allows implementing truly valuable software solutions. 

Our Services: 

• Web Scraping Services;

• Custom Software Development;

• Data Management Systems;

• Custom Software Development.

If you have solid knowledge and experience with Java, Spring, Python welcome to our team! 

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DataOx (former IntroLab Systems)

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